What is a 108 Sun Salute?

Operation Yogis will lead you through 9 rounds of 12 Sun Salutations, each set taught by a teacher from one of our studio partners. While every teacher will bring their own personal style to their teaching, you’ll find simplicity and similarity which allows you to focus on your intention, breath and movement, and modify the sun salutations throughout the practice as you choose. Between each round, you will be led into a restorative pose to encourage you to stay focused on presence and body awareness. And of course, this practice ends with a sweet savasana.

Do I need to be an experienced yogi to participate?

No! The practice of yoga is a personal one on your own mat, while in a greater community. The poses in sun salutations are easy to learn and teachers will each lead you through the practice. We highly recommend visiting our Tools and Training page before the event to listen to a led round of sun salutations, watch a video explaining breath through the sun salutation and learn about modifications. Yogis at all levels of experience are recommended to take child’s pose when they need to, modify the sun salutation throughout the 108 and pace themselves.

“The truth is that you’re always ready, right now” - Baron Baptiste

Am I allowed to take a break?

Of course! We encourage you to listen to your body and what you need. That is part of the practice. Breaks might show up for you in the form of child’s pose, a standing forward fold, a mountain pose, easy seated pose, savasana pose. We will also have a tent where you can go and get refueled with electrolytes. Taking a physical break does not mean you are not participating – stay present in the space with your breath and your listening, then join back in the flow when you are ready. A break might be every few sun salutations, or an entire set. Pace yourself and listen to what you need. 

What tips do you have for staying safe, avoiding injury, and modifying poses? 

  • Bend knees in forward folds to be easier on your low back
  • Modified High Plank and Low Plank with knees down
  • Cobra instead of Upward Facing Dog
  • Step back to High Plank and go right to Downward Dog, skip the Low Plank and Upward Facing Dog
  • Skip jumping forward or jumping back. Instead of jumping, be kind to your wrists and low back and step forward and back.
  • Take Lunge with back knee down on your mat to modify a Warrior 1 in Sun Salutation B

When should I arrive?

We suggest that you arrive 30 minutes before the event starts. This gives you time to check-in at the registration desk, find your spot and relax.

What do I need to bring?

Yoga mat, sweat towel, water, electrolytes, sunscreen, sunglasses/visor/hat. 

Will there be water available?

Yes, we will have water available.

What if it rains?

Just like the Operation Injured Soldiers Ride, the event is planned rain or shine, and no rain date is scheduled. In the event of severe weather, or if you are uncertain, please check the Operation Yogis event page on Facebook for up to the minute updates. 

Can I still donate to the event even if I can’t attend?

Yes! Visit our Donate page to contribute to the cause. Your donation to Operation Yogis will go directly to support women-only retreats at the Brave Hearts Estate


How do I become an Operation Yogis sponsor?

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please email us at info@operationyogis.org


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