Operation Yogis brings together the yoga community in support of our female comrades at Operation Injured Soldiers. 

Proceeds from Operation Yogis go directly to support women-only retreats at the Brave Hearts Estate –owned and operated by Operation Injured Soldiers – and expanding the support of their female members.

The Brave Hearts Estate is a 238 acre ranch that was donated to Operation Injured Soldiers by a patriot and generous supporter of our injured veterans. Opened in the spring of 2015, the estate serves as a retreat destination with a main house, campfires, singing, s’mores, hunting, cable, board games and a variety of nearby adaptive sporting amenities.

The Brave Hearts Estate offers completely free lodging to our veterans and their families. The main house has 8 bedrooms, a dining room, family room, living room, and large fully equipped kitchen and laundry room. The estate is wheelchair accessible on the main floor.

If you're a female veteran interested in retreat opportunities, please contact Operation Injured Soldiers for more information. 

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